One of the biggest dilemmas of every Instagram user is summarized in the following question Who doesn't follow me on instagram? If you are wondering who stopped following you now you will know:

The classic follow by follow in Instagram It affects the number of followers in your account, they follow you so that you also follow them.

However, this practice is less and less useful because most of the time you have no idea who the user is, even if you have achieved them through pages for get followers on Instagram free.

Those followers go easy but when people of trust stop following you it is not the same, at that moment you want to discover who has stopped following you and then make unfollow to that account.

Why do I know who doesn't follow me on Instagram?

This depends on the type of profile you have.

If you have a personal account you can take the liberty of contacting the user since they may have done so for any unimportant reason, in a company account it's harder, you have to analyze if something fails in your posts. Maybe you have started to:

  • Publish content that is not relevant more frequently than usual
  • Use the same content in all social networks to duplicate information
  • Stop posting content and neglect the account
  • Your followers do not consume the content of this social network and have been changed to another platform

Understanding the problem of losing followers can improve your visibility, interaction, branding and the profitability of your business.

Tools to know who doesn't follow me on Instagram

On Instagram, it's easy to know who you follow and who follows you, just check the sections followed and following.

But if you want to know who doesn't follow you You have available these applications / tools that are currently the best in the market:


Is a application Created on 2010, which serves not only for Instagram, but also for Twitter, WordPress, Shopify, Youtube, Pinterest and more. He promises to help you position yourself in the networks. It is ideal for entrepreneurs, small businesses, influencers, microinfluencers, artists, in short, anyone who wants to improve their presence on the internet.

crowdfire application who stopped following me

Post regular posts with interesting content related to the posts characteristic of your profile at hours of increased traffic, with the possibility of programming them weekly.

It has a search engine that shows you profiles with its followers and you can copy them, it offers you the option to follow them all to help you increase your audience, through its keyword search engines. Filter inactive accounts and can interact with people from your other social networks.

Part of your account management includes the automatic message delivery to welcome your new followers. It also allows you know who has stopped following you. Who of those who follow you and who have stopped following you recently, this is known as "Friend Check".

It incorporates a function of White list in which you can indicate to the application the users that you do not want to stop following and another list in which you can include those profiles that you are not interested in following. This way you can configure the suggestions that CrowdFire will offer you.

In principle CrowdFire offers its functions in a limited and free way, to have access to the advanced options you must pay for the service.

Download Crowdfire

This is one web application which is also available for Android devices, with which you can see in a very simple way who you follow and do not follow you on your social networks, specifically Twitter and my favorite, Instagram.

Su functionality is quite similar to CrowdFire:

  • It shows you your “No Followers”
  • It also allows you to see who does follow you on Instagram
  • "The Fans", or what is the same, those who follow you, even if you do not follow them
  • Mutual follow-ups
  • It has the function of "Copy Followers" with which you can enter the username of accounts with which you compete to quickly see and follow who follows them, and therefore they may be interested in following you too
  • With “Check Friendship” you can see if an account follows you, you follow it or both
  • The "Permitted" or "the White List" to put all the accounts you do not want to follow, even if they do not follow you
  • The “Black List” in which you can put all those people you don't follow and don't even want to find them in the follow-up suggestions

These are all functions that you can access for free, if you download the Pro version of the application you can also see your “Former followers” ​​who followed you and do not (useful to evaluate if your content is appropriate for certain targets) and the “New followers” ​​to see who are you attracting with your content

Any option that asks for our data must be reviewed, see what is said about it in different reviews and comments and ratings in the application store, which can guide us about the legitimacy and reliability of the application, after all you are trusting your access data to your Instagram account
Download Nomesigue for Android


It is a very popular application, free, simple, but very efficient that will allow you manage your followers and followed to know who has stopped following you on Instagram.

How to know who doesn't follow you on Instagram with Instagram unfollowgram It's very simple, you can know with certainty which users you follow are not following you. You will also see the profiles of those who follow you and you are not following. Its interface is extremely friendly and with just one click you can indicate who you want to follow or unfollow.

Its operating algorithm is responsible for comparing the statistics of your followers and followers, offering you in each session the updated information for that connection moment.

Update: Unfollowgram can now only be used for twitter as it appears in the message below

unfollowgram does not work with instagram


If what you're looking for besides knowing who doesn't follow you is get rid of these people This paid web application works specifically as the name implies: Fast.

With Fast-unfollow we can stop track accounts "massively", It is especially useful for people who manage multiple accounts or accounts with many followers, so you can clear your account of unwanted followers, and ghost followers that do not contribute anything to your account.

  • Sign up quickly with just an email address and password
  • Add all the Instagram accounts you need with the username and password
  • You can buy packs of unfollows and the more you buy the better price you will get
  • Fast-unfollow allows you to activate an automatic mode to stop following those people who do not follow you back
  • You can also make your own “White List” to include friends or celebrities who don't mind following, even if they don't follow you
  • Payments can be made by PayPal or by credit card

who don't follow me on instagram with unfollow instagram

With it you won't have to do the job manually and one by one, you can do up to 200 unfollow per day. It is a complement that you should keep in mind because it is very effective, although unlike the previous applications mentioned this will not indicate who does not follow you.

The good thing is that it will allow you to get rid of those no followers on Instagram quickly.

Fast-unfollow is programmable, being able to discriminate between mutual follow-ups so you don't stop following, accidentally, those who do follow you. And it also offers the option of “white list” of those profiles that you are not interested in following.

Download Fast-unfollow
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who follows me and who not on instagram with instafollow

It is a very application Easy to use, popular and effective for the management of Instagram. It has a configuration for users who access the app for free and offers a more complete catalog of functionalities for users of the payment method.

Instafollow also works as a application to know who stops following you on instagram. You know who doesn't follow you, who stopped following you, who follows me on Instagram and will have the numbers available that will let you know how many new followers you have, who are your fans, who have blocked you, what are your best photos, the ones you like and who like them.

Instafollow offers you the plus that will allow you manage multiple accounts and follow who really interests you.

With the free app you could know how many new followers you have and how many have stopped following you. It will show you who are the fans and friends in common that you have with those who don't follow you. Possibility of managing accounts of up to 10.000 users.

The Premium version in addition to the benefits of the free mode, offers the possibility to know who have blocked you. It is free of advertising and you can manage several accounts.

Other functions that are also paid include:

Verification of ghost followers, fans, best followers, classification of your followers according to their activity and popularity. Analysis of the popularity of your publications.

Download InstaFollow
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Followers Track for Instagram

followers track for instagram

Another super complete app to investigate and analyze all the activity in your account. It is only available for iOS operating system and the most interesting thing it offers:

  • The interaction of your followers / non-followers in your posts
  • Users who never like your activity
  • The content that works best for you
Download Followers Track for Instagram

IG Analyzer

ig analyzer app who doesn't follow you

This application is also available for apple and is gradually gaining market share due to its popularity. Requires iOS 10.0 or later and is free, although it includes advanced payment features. These are the functions that they stand out in the app store:

  • Find out who doesn't follow me
  • Stop following at once
  • Detailed analysis of your followers
  • Track and analyze your followers
  • Discover which follower does not follow you
  • It also allows to visualize the total number of likes
  • The total reach of your account (also on Twitter)
  • Full history of your profile likes evolution
Download IG Analyzer

Followers PRO for Instagram

Finally, this very functional tool to see in seconds who no longer follows you, in addition to other functions. This iOS app is a follow-up analysis tool where you can track almost all the activity that occurs daily in your account.

It allows to highlight the most active fans to be able to communicate with them, all the likes generated and many options to track your profile completely. With these metrics you will detect all the followers who perhaps did the reciprocal follow but have already stopped seeing your account.

Pro + Instagram followers

Free download Followers PRO for Instagram

Followers Unfollowers App

This simple application to know who follows you on Instagram and who does not follow you also allows several functions:

  • See accounts that you follow but do not follow you
  • Unfollow users instantly and quickly
  • Unfollow 20 accounts in 20 (bulk mode)
  • See the accounts that have stopped following you
Install Followers Unfollowers on Android

How to know who follows you on Instagram

Having seen this information to see which people follow your account, you already have more knowledge about who visits your instagram profile.

In this blog you will know tools to know statistics and data, any instagram error with its solution, see people who are also on Facebook, Google, understand the behavior of followers in 2019 and of course see "who follows me on instagram".

Follow our tips to increase your followers, apps to analyze your account, platform updates and interesting news about who has more followers on Instagram or the best phrases for instagram.

Now you have an answer to the question Do these people not follow me on instagram? Find out "who doesn't follow me"with the tools that I have provided and so you can stop following those who do not follow me.

If you like the information, but you have doubts, you can leave your opinion in the comments if you want and you know, you always have the option to stop following everyone on Instagram. Check also the best instagram applications which are trend in 2019 and the different typefaces that exist. Protection Status